Permitting and Planning

Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC Plan)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP)

Wastewater Permitting 

Industrial Pretreatment Program Development 

Industrial Water and Wastewater Process and Detail Design

Storm water runoff control planning

Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST) Compliance and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans

Underground Storage Tank Management

Air Dispersion Modeling


Site characterization and contaminant delineation

Vapor intrusion assessments and mitigation

Conceptual site model development

Health-based risk assessment

Contaminant fate and transport modeling

Corrective Action Plans, Remediation Work Plans, reporting, and regulatory negotiations

Remediation design investigations, feasibility studies, and bench-scale testing

System engineering and process design

System installation, monitoring, operations/maintenance and optimization

Oxidant and reductant injection for contaminant destruction and to establish subsurface reactive zones

Multi-phase extraction

Air sparging/stripping

Soil vapor extraction (SVE)

Free product recovery

In-situ chemical oxidation and reduction

In-situ and ex-situ bioremediation and thermal treatment

Exposure risk-management strategies employing engineering and institutional controls

Trenches/slurry walls

Due Diligence Services

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Tier I Vapor Intrusion Assessment

Brownfield Redevelopment

Obtaining Comfort Letters

Indoor Air Quality 

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